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Female orgasm

Many men and quite a lot of women are not really sure what the female orgasm is. There is a lot of belief that women ejaculate body fluid in a similar way as a man ejaculates semen but for 95% of women this is simply not true. In fact very few women ejaculate or can ejaculate. Many women have orgasms and donít know they are having a real orgasm and many men spend a life time trying to get there partner to ejaculate when in most cases this is never going to happen. The good news is every woman can learn how to orgasm.

So what is the female orgasm?
It is a moment of intense pleasure and excitement. It can last for a few seconds or a few minutes. A relaxing all over body feeling will follow and unlike men women donít find orgasms exhausting they can have several orgasms without a rest break and although they donít experience the intense ejaculation that men do the all over body feeling of satisfaction could more than make up for that.

What are the physical signs?
Here are the general signs of the female climax. First there is an increase in blood pressure and pulse rate. The breathing quickens and an increase in vaginal lubrication follows. The clitoris becomes erect and more exposed and in a lot of women the nipples become erect. Skin flushes in the face and chest as a result of the increase in blood pressure followed pelvic muscle spasms, causing virginal contractions and orgasmic sensations resulting in the whole body feeling overwhelmed.

How to achieve the female orgasm?
Here I will explain some tips on how to achieve the female orgasm. Women who have difficulty in achieving orgasm or men who have difficulty in fulfilling there partners needs should all benefit from reading the following because it is easier than you might think. First of all there are two types of female orgasm. There is the clitoral orgasm and the g spot orgasm. The easiest to achieve is the clitoral orgasm . The clitoris is a small piece of flesh found just under the roof of the female genitals .Some women have quite a large clitoris that is visible even when not aroused while some women have quite a small one that only becomes visible when aroused. Women who have difficulty having an orgasm should start with a little relaxed solo masturbation gently stroking the clitoris and increasing pressure gradually. Men should start by gently kissing there partner and arousing them before touching the clitoral area and then start off with a gentle rub before applying to much pressure .When the clitoris is aroused it is full of sexual nerve endings and can be stimulated into climax. Try different things to stimulate it. Some women love the feel of a tongue caressing the clitoris and some women go crazy over the feel of a vibrator so donít be afraid to try different things. The clitoral climax can usually only be achieved through foreplay as during sexual intercourse the penis doesnít touch the clitoral area. The g spot can be found about two inches inside the vagina but note it can only be located when a female is sexually aroused and it is harder to find than the clitoris. Many women find that by going on top of the male during sex is the only way to stimulate the g spot enough to reach climax. There are g spot vibrators available shaped at an angle to reach there g spot and I would recommend this type of toy for the g spot climax as many men canít last long enough to give their partner a g spot climax.

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