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If you have placed an order with us and it is yet to be delivered there is a couple of steps you can take before contacting us that may help you.

Firstly you should return to our website, log in as a returning / existing customer and view your previous orders. You can check the status of your order from this screen.

The current status will give you a good indication, If the status set to Paid or Processing this means your order is still being processed. The order has not been dispatched so you can rest assured the item has not been lost in the post and this is not the reason for the delay.

If there is going to be a considerable delay (3 weeks +) in obtaining stock to forfill your order for any reason we will mark your order as awaiting stock. At this time our system will automatically generate an email informing you of the stock problem and giving you an estimated delivery time.

If the order has been dispatched it should be with you any day now, once dispatched an email is generated containing the tracking refence. It is vital that the information you provide is accurate or emails may not be received.

Dispatched orders should only take up to 5 working days but on occassions have been known to take up to 2 & 3 weeks for Royal Mail to deliver. If your order has been dispatched you will have to allow at least 14 days from the date of dispatch for delivery. This is standard practice for royal mail before investigating any lost packages.

If you have any further issues you should contact our online helpdesk and submit a new support ticket.

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